A Safer Place

Ending violence against women

NYC nonprofit organization

A Safer Place (ASAP) is a New York-based NGO dedicated to raising awareness and preventing gender-based violence and violence against women.  At A Safer Place, we commit to creating an environment where every woman feels secure and respected. Our mission is to put an end to gender-based and sexual violence by providing essential resources and tools, educating communities, and fostering positive social change.

See what we do 

At the heart of our mission lies our free mobile application App-Elles, designed to offer New Yorkers instant access to a multitude of resources. Whether it's finding emergency shelters, confidential helplines, or legal information, our app is tailored to meet the needs of women in vulnerable situations.

We conduct training sessions aimed at educating and raising awareness about best practices to prevent gender-based and sexual violence and to support women. These training sessions are open to all, as we believe that awareness is the first step toward change.

Join The Call

We believe in the collective power of society to create a world where women can live free from fear and violence. Join us at A Safer Place to be a part of this crucial movement. Together, we can build a future where everyone can truly thrive in a safe and respectful environment.