Training Program

Welcome to our training on raising awareness about violence against women. We're committed to educating and inspiring each of you to take an active role in preventing these forms of violence. 

Here's an overview of what our trainings covers:

Understanding and Recognizing Violence

Introduction to Violence

We'll start by defining the different forms of violence women can experience, whether it's physical, emotional, sexual, or economic. This section will shed light on the extent of the issue and its impact on individuals and society. 

Underlying Factors

Understanding the deep-rooted causes of violence against women is crucial. We'll explore cultural, social, and economic factors that contribute to perpetuating these behaviors, in order to better target our prevention efforts.

Cycle of Violence

We'll delve into the cycle of violence and how it perpetuates. Understanding this cycle helps identify early warning signs and intervene more effectively to break the cycle.

Impact on Victims

We'll discuss the physical, psychological, and emotional consequences that women who experience violence can endure. This section will emphasize the importance of proper support and accessible resources.

Being a Resource for Victims and Survivors

Legislation and Resources

We'll provide information about laws in place to protect victims of violence against women. Additionally, we'll introduce local and national resources available to support women in need. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Each of us has a role in preventing violence against women. We'll cover how to recognize risky situations, safely intervene, and promote respectful and equal attitudes.

Sensitive Communication

Learning to address the topic sensitively is crucial. We'll provide communication tools to discuss violence with compassion and respect, while offering support to survivors.

Promoting Social Change

We'll explore how each individual can contribute to social change by challenging harmful norms, advocating for education, and actively participating in awareness initiatives. 

Community Prevention

Towards the end of the training, we'll discuss how you can contribute to preventing violence against women within your own community by sharing the knowledge gained and encouraging dialogue.