Free Safety App

Welcome to our innovative digital platform that is changing the way women interact with the world around them. App-Elles provides a range of useful content and features that can help women when facing a situation of danger, distress, or emergency.

Here's an overview of what our platform offers:

A free Personal Safety App for People

App-Elles allows you to quickly alert your loved ones, contact emergency services and easily locate all available resources near you when facing a situation of distress, danger, or emergency. Thanks to the innovative real time GPS tracking and listening technology that is activated when the emergency alert is triggered, the user’s trusted contacts (relatives or security services) are allowed to assist and help the victim in real time. At the end of each alert, everything is securely recorded in the cloud (according to GDRP guidelines) and kept as evidence that can be used in court. App-Elles also connects the professional support community with users. The app hosts the first comprehensive database that provides access to advice and local resources for 13 countries.

A Monitoring Console for Security Services

The supervision console allows a service in charge of the security of a establishment or organization, to receive and process several alerts issued at the same time by one or more groups of users. Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface the operator can process and monitor each alert and has features specific to the security and crisis management professions

A Content Admin Console for Stakeholders

App-Elles Admin Console allows official agencies, local governments, NGOs and companies to disseminate and administer content and information for their respective areas. Usage metrics of the app-hosted resources can be viewed in the built-in analytics dashboard, enabling data driven decisions to improve programs, expand outreach, and further enhance victim services

A life-changing safety & resource platform

App-Elles, is a 27-time international award-winning app already used by over 100k users worldwide!